The 12 Most Annoying Types Of Social Media User [INFOGRAPHIC]

Taste is, as they say, very much a matter of taste.

For the same reason that you can’t tell somebody what they should find funny, exciting, scary or (dare I say it) erotic, what any one person finds annoying can often be something of complete indifference or even a source of absolute joy for another. And vice versa.

Of course, on social media, we see a little bit of everything. And we meet every kind of person. So, it lays to reason that we are going to stumble across people who, perhaps through no fault of their own (and, other times, with actual intent) we find annoying.

For example, narcissists. Does anyone really like those kinds of folks? I didn’t think so. What about self-promoters? They don’t have many fans. Few people enjoy the company of the constant complainer. Or the drama queen. Or that guy who makes a million pointless status updates each and every day. And even something as inherently wonderful as the excited ramblings from a new or expectant parent can push many of us to the very edge. And sometimes beyond.

Yep: social media folks can be annoying. And, according to this visual, the person who singlehandedly captures all of these irritations in one (admittedly very attractive) package is socialite, TV personality and famous-for-being-famous mega-celebrity Kim Kardashian.

A bit harsh, really. And I’m not entirely sure it’s wholly accurate. I mean, is Kim Kardashian much of a sports fan? Really? Maybe she just pretends to be.

And that, of course, is really annoying.

(Source: Column Five Media.)