Annoyed With Coworkers? Avoid These Seven Pitfalls

boxing glovesIf you’re a bit annoyed with a coworker or two, take a deep breath and proceed with caution.

Per our friends at the Brazen Careerist, there are a few key pointers to keep in mind.

For starters, communication is truly everything. You’ll be judged by how you handle yourself professionally. Although it may be difficult dealing with a colleague who is irritating, lazy or undermining, keep the big picture in mind. Experiences like this only make you stronger.

Here are several pitfalls to avoid.

1. Criticizing in public. Per the piece, there’s no need to chastise in public. Pointing out that someone is incompetent in front of the folks on top of the masthead won’t exactly put you in the brightest light.

2. Making accusations. “You always have to undermine everything.” Um, yeah please refrain from saying something like that. Or this: “We would have finished the project long ago if you didn’t pick everything apart.”

3. Arousing guilt and shame. Per the piece, there’s no need to harbor bad feelings. Be the bigger person, okay?

4. Using insults. The piece uses the example of saying, “If it weren’t for your crippled wife, I’d kick you out in no time.”

5. Asking a question when you know the answer already. That’s like asking them where they were during lunchtime when you know they weren’t at their desk.

6. Not justifying a critical remark. The piece says, “That is definitely not what we are going to do. End of discussion.”

7. Quoting unconfirmed or unknown sources. That’s like saying, “I heard you were unhappy about bonuses.”