“Annoyed.” WaPo’s Wilbon on Michael Phelps Column by Sally Jenkins

In response to Sally Jenkins’ Tokin’ Effort piece, Wilbon says “I’m annoyed over reading my friend Sally Jenkins’s column justifying that Phelps “periodically needs to bust out of the confines of the pool and of his too-coy image,” because he already busted out in 2004, when he was caught drinking and driving.”

What do you think? Should we overlook the millions in endorsements and give Phelps a ‘pass’ for age and immaturity? Wilbon doesn’t think so.

“Sally asks in the lead of her column if anybody is really surprised that Phelps dived headfirst into the bong water? I realize her tongue was firmly planted in cheek, but yes, I’m surprised,” says Wilbon.

See Wilbon’s full post on Wapo.com

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