Announcing The Social Times 25

-Social Times 25-With the surge in new branded digital media campaigns and programs we’ve decided to add a new component to this year’s Social Ad Summit being held in New York City and we’re calling it the “Social Times 25”. The Social Times 25 will showcase campaigns/programs that creatively and effectively leverage social technologies and digital media to increase engagement or achieve other marketing objectives. Over the past few weeks we’ve highlighted some of the campaigns and programs in this space but we don’t have time to acknowledge all of them.

The Social Times 25 is about rewarding the best campaigns/programs that leverage new social technologies such as Facebook Connect, the Facebook Platform, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, and others to help brands engage their audiences. There are numerous companies that have sprouted up around providing solutions in this emerging space and we’ve also seen existing agencies begin to provide services that leverage these new technologies.

Many of the campaigns/programs have produced exceptional results and we believe those responsible for them should be rewarded. As such, we are launching the first annual Social Times 25. The top 5 campaigns will have the opportunity to present at this year’s Social Ad Summit in front of our panelist of judges. For those looking to participate in the first Social Times 25, here is the program schedule:

Phase 1 – Through August 21
All submitted campaigns are compiled and the team of judges will determine which 25 campaigns should be shortlisted for the second round of voting. After the short list has been compiled, we will send out formal notifications to all participants.

Phase 2 – September 14 (Announcement)
Judges will review every campaign individually and rank them according to the six criteria outlined. On September 14th we will contact all of the participants to let them know how they fared.

Phase 3 – October 5
The top 5 campaigns will be asked to prepare a 5 – 10 minute presentation to be delivered at the 2009 Social Ad Summit in New York City. Our panel of judges will be present and will provide live feedback for each campaign and explain why each campaign received the score they did.

If your company is interested in participating, you can view all of the details on the Social Times 25 page and then submit your entry. Each entry costs $49 as to cover the overhead of managing the contest. We’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible but we also want to avoid receiving and excessive number of entries. We are not limiting the number of entries per company so theoretically one company could win more than one award. Also the $49 can be used toward the cost of a Social Ad Summit ticket.

Since this is the first year we will not be breaking out different categories but will instead focus on those campaigns and/or programs that rank highest on the following six criteria:

1. How creative was the campaign or program? (Was there a “wow” factor?)
2. Was the idea well executed?
3. Is the campaign/program self-fueling?
4. Does the campaign/program encourage participation between members?
5. Was there a clear call to action?
6. Did the campaign/program produce great results that align with the marketer’s objectives?

If you are interested in participating in the first annual Social Times 25, go submit your entry now or learn more about the Social Times 25. Also, if you’re interested in attending this year’s Social Ad Summit we’ve extended the early bird discount until tomorrow afternoon so if you are interested in getting a $100 discount you should go register now!