Announcing Inside Facebook Gold – Our New Data & Analysis Membership Service

When I first started in 2006, Facebook was already a staple of college life and a sign of the future of the social web. Since then, it has grown to become a very widely adopted communications and identity service, a powerful advertising and entertainment platform, and a household name as one of the world’s largest websites. But even today, Facebook’s full potential still lies ahead in the years to come as the social graph becomes more embedded in media, applications, and devices all around us.

These days, Facebook’s business has become a big deal for brands marketing to the millions of users logging in on a daily basis, for entrepreneurs building businesses on its platform, and for analysts and investors interested in charting Facebook’s growing revenues. Facebook is no longer simply a social networking website – it has become a broad online ecosystem, supporting thousands of related businesses and on track to doing over $1 billion in revenues this year.

It’s this extraordinary growth and potential, and also the underlying complexities and unknowns, that have attracted the attention of so many. With,, and reports like the upcoming Facebook Quarterly Business Review (we’ll have more info soon), we at Inside Network have sought to deeply analyze and understand Facebook’s potential as a social utility, a platform for developers and advertisers to do business, and a growing business itself. But, readers have consistently requested more business-focused analysis and in-depth coverage of key ecosystem issues.

All these reasons make us very excited to announce Inside Facebook Gold, an exclusive new analysis and data membership service specifically dedicated to tracking Facebook’s business and growth around the world – and the impact of Facebook’s product and policy decisions on the thousands of businesses worldwide that are investing in it.

Inside Facebook Gold is directed at entrepreneurs, agencies, analysts, and investors who want to stay ahead of Facebook’s rapid worldwide growth, make more informed business decisions based on Facebook product and policy developments, and understand the full scope of opportunities the Facebook ecosystem presents.

Inside Facebook Gold includes weekly in-depth analysis that is not available on, comprehensive quarterly business reviews detailing every aspect of Facebook’s business, and regular global trend and data insights to help you track change and opportunity around the world. We’ll be posting updates here as new reports are released to Inside Facebook Gold members.

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Back in 2006, when we started, no one could have expected Facebook to become what it has today.  With Inside Facebook Gold, we’re looking forward to bringing you data and analysis that will equip you to make critical decisions as the Facebook ecosystem continues to rapidly develop and grow in the years ahead.