ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome Frank McPherson as Co-Editor & Co-Blogger of MobileContentToday!

You’ve probably noticed a second blogger byline appeared on the MobileContentToday blog last week. It is my great pleasure to welcome my old friend and fellow mobile tech geek Frank McPherson as co-editor and co-blogger here. Frank and I go way back to the Windows CE days in the 1990s. We’ve remained friends and gadget hounds over the years. Frank will provide more information about himself and his focus here. I’m excited to have a second voice and opinion appear in this blog. Although Frank and I are friends, we don’t always agree (although I’m slowly coming around to his point of view about speech recognition – we’ve argued about that topic for years). But, I think that the fact that we don’t always see eye-to-eye will make this blog more dynamic and interesting.

Frank was kind enough to participate in a series of podcasts with me before he started blogging here. You can find the two most recent podcasts embedded below (both from November 2009). You can look forward to more tag-team podcasting from us as well as Frank’s daily contribution to this blog.

So, please join me in welcoming my old friend, a great guy, and an extremely knowledgeable gadget geek, Frank McPherson!