LA Conference Homeless Attendee No Longer Homeless

When AnnMarie Walsh came to LA from Chicago to speak at the 140 Characters Conference at the Kodak Theatre in October, her fellow attendees were rightly amazed to learn that she was homeless. But as part of what is turning out to be the feel-good social media story of the early new year, she has since found a home at Deborah’s Place and is curating a Twitter account that has grown to encompass close to 6,000 followers.

The latest media outlet to profile Walsh is WGN-TV. Reporter Marcus Leashok filed a piece last night, which can be viewed here.

One of the coolest aspects of this unlikely tale will unfold January 29. That’s when Walsh (pictured) will return as a speaker to the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, which she previously used as a Twitter home base, in between bunking in carports and at local shelters.

Twitter played an instrumental role in Walsh being led to her current home and new online family, yet another vivid reminder of just how powerful a networking tool the little bird can be.