Annie’s ‘Bunny Butts’ Show You How to Respond to Your Customers

"No butts about it."

Annie_s Homegrown
As an April Fool’s joke, natural food brand Annie’s announced the (totally fake) upcoming release of an altered version of its popular boxed macaroni and cheese: Fannie’s Bunny Butts in Butter Sauce.
Most April Fool’s pranks, when exposed as jokes, inspire a collective sigh of relief: Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Pilsner beer, anyone?! But Annie’s fans were sad to learn that “Bunny Butts” would not be coming to a dinner table near them. In fact, so many of the brand’s fans expressed their grief via social media since April that Annie’s decided to just give the people what they want.
What they want, apparently, is buttered bunny butts.
“It started off as a joke,” the brand says on its Facebook page, “But our fans were 100% serious. You asked for it, we’re making it happen…No butts about it.”
The brand even provides a form you can fill out so that you can be “the first to know” when the product becomes available.
As ridiculous as this all may seem, it’s really a new twist on Marketing 101 — listen to your customers. These purple boxes of cottontail-shaped pasta are the embodiment of successful customer relations.
Of course, we’ll totally be buying a box…or five.