Anna Wintour Answers The Scene’s 73 Questions

Can you write down the one fashion word you wish everyone would stop using? How do you feel about Brooklyn?

These are two of the 73 rapid-fire queries Anna Wintour answers in the latest edition (Episode #5) of The Scene’s Web series 73 Questions. A number of her staff colleagues and Oscar de la Renta lend able support as Wintour walks and talks through the halls of a busy media and fashion empire.

If you have yet to catch up with this new offering from the Condé Nast Entertainment video side, previous participants have included Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniel Radcliffe. The final question-and-answer between Joe Sabia and Wintour is a keeper – it involves the reporter’s desire to get her to use his phone to take a selfie.

Sabia by the way does a great job with these six-dozen-plus-one Q&A assignments. More info on him here.

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