Anna Wintour Not Pleased with North West’s Look

This cannot be true.

Anna Wintour has had it with the way North West — daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — is dressed. Radar reports that the Vogue editor wants the couple to dress North in more colorful clothing instead of the usual dark threads.

“Anna is not a fan of all black, and thinks it’s just inappropriate for North to be in dark colors,” an “insider” told Radar. The source even said that Wintour went so far as to check with designers that had sent North clothes, and ask for more colors. The (alleged) reason North is usually seen in drab clothing is because Kanye doesn’t like pink or pastels.

The Wintour intervention would be hilarious, if we believed it. There is just no way Wintour gives a damn about what North wears. Wintour has just a couple of other things to worry about. Also, we’re sure she realizes telling parents how to dress their kids is incredibly stupid.

If Kardashian and West want to dress North like a toddler in Mad Max, so be it. No one cares. Or rather, no one should care.