New York Magazine Combs Through Anna Wintour Archives

Before she was synonymous with Vogue...

AnnaWintourNYMagIn case you missed it, Tuesday’s focus at It’s Vintage, The Cut’s daily look-back feature, was Anna Wintour’s legacy as New York magazine fashion editor.

Each of the five highlighted slide shows is a ton of fun to click through. Both as a Manhattan time capsule and as a reminder of what Wintour was up to between 1981 and 1983, ahead of her move to Vogue. Here’s part of the intro for the slide show on Wintour’s various fashion features:

A story on retailers’ windows starred the cast of Cats. She profiled ten prominent New York couples, including the painter Duncan Hannah, in a spread titled simply “Looking Great.”

And some features gave a then-uncommon window into the industry — there is a feature on prominent stylists, before the word was common currency outside fashion circles, while PR directors also got their moment in the sun (prior to Oscar and DKNY PR girl becoming Twitter celebrities) in a spread titled “Walking Advertisements.” (Norma Kamali’s PR director said of her boss’s influence, “Now I want to put shoulder pads in everything.”)

In this particular case, nostalgia is everything it used to be.