Anna Wintour: I killed V Life

Did Variety‘s monthly glossy V Life fold because of disappointing ad sales? Or did Anna Wintour kill it in a moment of blood-thirsty pique? I still think it’s the former, but the latter makes a better anecdote, and RadarOnline reports she’s taking credit for the demise of the magazine, which made the fatal mistake of putting a movie star on its cover that Wintour wanted on her cover:

Sources say the fledgling monthly became the target of Wintour’s wrath when it put Gwyneth Paltrow on its October cover, even though the editor had made an arrangement with the actress’s rep, Stephen Huvane, that she believed gave Vogue an exclusive Paltrow cover for that month. In an attempt to calm Wintour down, we hear Huvane explained to the couture capo that V Life didn’t figure into their agreement because, despite looking like your average celebrity obsessed lifestyle rag, it considers itself a trade publication.

Wintour wasn’t satisfied, we’re told, and called a number of her influential Tinsletown pals to gripe that the mag had used its ambiguous status to steal her Paltrow thunder. Later, when Variety editor Peter Bart announced that the mag would shut down after its February issue, sources say Wintour-whose tele-tantrums are legendary-told friends that even she had underestimated her awesome pull on the West Coast.

Wow, that Anna Wintour sure does underestimate her imaginary power!