Anna Wintour Helps Roger Federer Get Chic

Anna Wintour has been in the front row for at least two of Roger Federer’s US Open matches so far. Wintour seems to be interested in shepherding the number-one seeded tennis player into the world of chic, where she reigns supreme. Says the Post:

”Imperious Vogue editrix Anna Wintour is apparently crushing like a Teen Vogue intern over hunky tennis star Roger Federer.

”She’s been dressing him up. She threw a fancy party for him at the Gramercy Park Hotel after she got him on the cover of Men’s Vogue.

”And on Wednesday night, the hardboiled magazine mistress was front and center at his U.S. Open first-round match, flashing a schoolgirl-like smile as he easily beat Chilean Paul Capdeville.”

As power couples go, they do make for compelling copy. He’s going after his 12th Grand Slam title and fourth US Open crown in a row while she’s about to preside over her umpteenth Fashion Week.

(image via style)