Anna Quindlen Giving Up Newsweek Column

Newsweek’s Anna Quindlen who writes “The Last Word,” with George Will, announced that she will be stepping down from the column.

From Newsweek’s Jon Meacham:

Now, for reasons she lays out in characteristically insightful detail, Anna is giving up her biweekly column for us (though she will continue to contribute occasional essays). It is time, she thinks, to make way for younger voices, and her case is an interesting one.

As my friend and adviser, Anna has long been part of the fabric of the magazine, and that will not change. Readers of her novels will benefit, for she will now have more time to invest in her fiction. Our thanks to her for this great run, and to Rick for making it happen.

Check out the full letter at Newsweek’s Editor’s Desk here.