Anna Nicole Judge To CBS Saturday Early Show?

ANNA_NICOLE_JUDGE.jpgIt appears his 15 minutes are, unfortunately, being extended. A letter to Judge Larry Seidlin from CBS Saturday Early Show senior producer Michael Rosen, obtained by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

I have been extremely impressed by your compassion in the Anna Nicole case and I would love to discuss with you the idea of being our judge on a new segment, ‘Morning Justice.’ It would be a semi-regular segment in which you would resolve the ethical and legal questions of our viewers who send in the issues troubling them.

The judge’s assistant says she has been taking 200 phone calls a day, including interest from “all the big names and the top shows.” Meanwhile, CBS News’ own legal analyst, Andrew Cohen, has taken to the cottage industry that is Seidlen-bashing:

“His performance over the past week was so bad, so unseemly, and so inappropriate that the Florida bar ought to immediately launch an investigation into whether he is truly fit to determine the rights and liberties of others … This fool has just had his five minutes of fame. He has had the opportunity to engage in stream-of-consciousness judgeship — either that or a carefully orchestrated nervous breakdown — with the whole world watching. Now I hope he gets what’s coming to him.”

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