Ann Shoket: ”We Want Girls to Stop Judging Celebrities’ Bodies So Harshly”


Every week it seems that the glossy tabloids — Star especially — relish in critiquing the bodies of women celebrities. The tabloid gaze has even veered into the natural bulges of pregnancy. Every so often — for the sake of fairness — there is a male celebrity body nestled in the corner, held for ridicule. But the true focus is always The Celebrity Female Body that falls wide-of-the-mark of some abstract idealized notion of perfection.

Ann Shoket, Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine, unveiled Body Peace, a project designed to help uplift the body image of young girls. FishbowlNY asked Shoket about the project:

”It’s practically impossible for women of any age not to be obsessed with their shapes these days, with tabloids that track every ounce of flab or every protruding collarbone on celebrities. Although Seventeen cannot control ALL the images that teen girls see, we can help them put them into perspective. We want girls to recognize what’s healthy and what’s not. We want girls to stop judging celebrities’ bodies so harshly and tune out the tabloids that gawk at them because if our girls don’t judge celebrities’ bodies, they won’t feel like everyone is judging them.”

(image via nymag via patrickmcmullen)