Ann Romney Narrows Cookie Gap

Maybe election predictions based on the popularity of Ann Romney‘s and Michelle Obama‘s cookie recipes isn’t as sexist as it seems.

Occidental Grill and Seafood restaurant (over by the White House) started a competition last month to see which of the women’s cookie recipes was chosen by more customers. In the first week, Michelle’s chocolate chip recipe led Ann’s M&M cookie recipe 57-40 percent. At that same time, President Obama was leading Mitt Romney in Gallup’s national poll of registered voters, 50-44 percent.

In the sixth week of the cookie competition, Ann’s recipe has narrowed the gap a bit. She now trails the first lady 54-44 percent. A press release says it was only a four-vote difference. And the election has also narrowed. Mitt is now leading the president 48-46 percent.

“We are known as the restaurant ‘Where Statesmen Dine,’ and we understand we have passionate voters on both sides—both for cookies and for the real thing,” Occidental Chef Rodney Scruggs said in the release. “But whomever comes out ahead, we welcome all parties to enjoy our fine food, desserts and wonderful atmosphere.”

Of course he does. It’s the cookies, stupid.