Ann Powers Out at LA Times

Another journo leaves the Arts and Entertainment section.

This is a note from assistant managing editor Sallie Hofmeister:

I am terribly sad to report that Ann Powers is leaving the Times in early March. Ann and her family will continue living in Alabama and Ann will work for NPR Music, an online department of the public radio group, as well as become a contributor to the Times. We are working out the details of such an arrangement.

There is no more articulate authority on pop music in the country than Ann, as she demonstrated, most recently, on Grammy night earlier this week and in front of a live audience last month at our first annual Music Producers Roundtable. Since becoming our pop music critic in 2006, Ann has distinguished herself writing about Prince, Lady Gaga, Cee Lo Green, Eminem, Glee and, perhaps most notably, American Idol, where she was an outspoken champion two seasons ago of runner up, Adam Lambert. A vibrant presence, Ann has been missed in the newsroom since she and her family moved about a year ago to Alabama so her husband could take a university teaching position. We wish her the best in the next chapter of her career and will gather to say farewell when she is back in town at the end of the month.


What a loss for LAT. Good luck to you, Ann.

[Photo credit: Joe Mabel]