Latina Author Wages Dirty Battle with Hollywood

The lines have been blogged. On one side is CAA, NBC and Ann Lopez, divorcing wife of comedian and talk show host George Lopez. On the other, author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, incensed after getting hold of the whitewashed TV pilot script from Lopez’s Encanto Productions based on her novel The Dirty Girls Social Club.

Valdes-Rodriguez made her objections known via an incendiary December 23rd blog post, according to which Lopez blocked NBC’s desire to have her write the pilot script. She has written several follow-ups since, covering everything from the cease-and-desist letter she received from NBC on Christmas to the fact that CAA has suddenly decided to stop representing another one of her literary adaptation properties. Today, the author checks in with this:

I have made the statements I needed to make. Now it’s time for me to focus on the legal aspects of this situation. In the meantime, please keep speaking out, speaking among yourselves, and know that I am fighting for YOU, and for ALL OF US to be represented as we ARE and not as Hollywood wishes us TO BE.

The author-blogger’s battle has been picked up over the holidays by several media outlets including and the Boston Globe. But expect this one to go wide once Hollywood returns from Hawaii and Cabo. There are so many juicy blog posts to choose from, but from a journalistic POV, one well worth reading is Valdes-Rodriguez’s December 27th entry entitled “From powerful columnist to fired, unemployed drunk living living in a residential motel – what Ann Lopez did to Lauren.”

Update – 12/28/10: Valdes-Rodriguez highlights with great passion her earlier battles against apparent sexism and racism at the Boston Globe and LA Times, via lengthy comment on the blog of Julio Ricardo Varela.

Update – 01/01/11: The author has scrubbed a number of her recent blog posts at the Peacock’s request and kicked off the New Year with “Respect for NBC,” an entry that explains the move.

Update – 01/07/11: The legal maneuvering continues. Today, Valdes-Rodriguez blogs an Ann Lopez educational correction and a rape narrative correction.