LA Times Fires Back at NYT Styles Piece

Ann Friedman marvels at how Brooklyn has fallen in line with the trendy East Side of Los Angeles.

At the bottom of today’s LA Times op-ed, the author is tagged as follows:

Ann Friedman is a writer in Los Angeles who is not moving to Brooklyn.

Ha ha. It’s the punchline to her fun parody response to that recent New York Times Styles piece heard across the two U.S. hubs. In Friedman’s look at the reverse, cross-country migration of creative types, there are mentions of our subway, Shake Shacks, Mexican restaurant Cosme and … smells:

One thing that hasn’t changed about New York is the stench. “It didn’t take long for it to become second nature to identify odor hazards ahead and preemptively hold my breath,” says Emily Milder, an Orange County native who lived in Manhattan and then in Brooklyn for several years, “but before I became a grizzled New Yorker immune to the smell of decay, I was a bit overwhelmed.”

More seriously, we mentioned this in our original coverage of the Styles piece, but it’s worth noting again. One of the big reasons a New York-to-LA move is now more feasible is the entrenchment of Uber and Lyft. New Yorkers heading west no longer need to worry about the additional expense of a car and-or the stress of navigating the freeway maze. That’s the new red-light, right turn.