Ann Curry Thinks Journalism Should Inspire, Not Just Lead To Coveted Co-Host Positions

Today Show anchor Ann Curry penned a reflection on the nature of journalism for Guideposts, a publication dedicated to relationships, wellness, inspiration and animal angels.

Curry, who wrote the magazine’s cover story before leaving to report on the devastation in Haiti, points to her parents for giving her the strength and the inclination to practice what she refers to as “humanitarian reporting.” More importantly, she also wrote about the impact of not being named Today Show co-host after Katie Couric’s departure.

More on Curry, and mayhap an animal angel or two, after the jump.

On Couric’s departure, Curry writes:

I joined NBC News in the 1990s, and found myself drawn to telling stories of people who might otherwise not be heard. Interestingly enough, what some might consider a big professional disappointment—not being named cohost of Today when Katie Couric left—has only clarified my mission. I would’ve loved that job, but not getting it made me think, What is it I need to be doing?

Curry’s story has an undeniably strong message delivered with the rational, nuanced and service-driven approach to reporting we’ve come to expect from Ann. To think it took something as subtle as a little boy in a hospital (her report on his fused thumb resulted in a nurse and doctor paying for his surgery) plaintively whispering “I’d like s’more please” to solidify Ann’s commitment to the field of journalism. It’s a tender moment so relatable to the scores of young J-School grads writing about traffic violations for the local paper as they pay off student loans.

But, in the end, it’s not about Ann, is it? It’s about service. Because after all, what is journalism if not a means of highlighting the opinions of news anchors or of letting people know what great service they’ve provided? Service? Service.

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