Ann Curry Learns Lesson In Sartre: Hell Is Being Stuck In An Elevator With Other Media People

By now you may have heard that Ann Curry and seven other social media-savvy individuals were stuck in The New York Times‘ building elevator yesterday after a kickoff panel for New York’s Social Media Week.

After discussing social media and Haiti, the Today show host boarded what we will now refer to as the “No Exitavator” along with Times social media editor Jennifer Preston, Network2 TV founder Jeff Pulver and Phil Thomas of Pegshot, only to find themselves trapped in the basement floor for over two hours. There were many tweets and, uh, Pegshots of the event, along with some footage, but before most people had even heard of the event we ran into Thomas at the Digital Somethings party last night at Destination.

“Yeah, it’s been a strange day,” the young entrepreneur said, trying to get a final drink in before the open bar closed. “And the worst part was there was no AT&T service in the basement.”

So how did everyone manage to Tweet about it? Gawker called this event “a textbook example of how ‘the crowd’ beats Old Media in covering breaking news,” though we’re not really sure how that works since Curry is certainly part of a traditional news outlet and managed to convey the story just fine.

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