‘Anita’ Gets the C-SPAN Shaft

“Anita” a Republican from Chapel Hill, N.C., had no idea what was coming her way early this morning when she phoned into C-SPAN to talk about sex. She was a little off topic, but let’s hear what she has to say.

“I wanted to make a comment about the sex, the Congress talking about the abuse, anyway, what I wanted to say is it’s very important that Congress overlook what’s going on with the sex, because non-consensual sex is a problem especially when it comes to someone having a relationship with a child…”

At this point the host gave Anita the ax.

“Right, Anita, we’re going to leave it here,” said the female host, cutting her off abruptly. “We need to stick to our topic here this morning.”

The program swiftly moved on. “Let’s go on to Carol, an independent in Philadelphia, Pa. Unemployment insurance. Is it time to cut and reform?”

With 10 minutes left in the show and Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) now in the hot seat,  “Tom” an independent from Dayton phoned in. He, too, was cut off after he used the phrase, “sons of bitches.” The host intervened, saying, “Tom, hold on, hold on here, let’s get a response from the Congressman.”