Anita Busch vs. Michael Ovitz Business Still Lingering

In the spring of 2008, former CAA kingpin Michael Ovitz answered an odd-sounding question in an LA courtroom. It was during the trial of now incarcerated former PI Anthony Pellicano and went like this with defense attorney Chad Hummel, who was representing an LAPD sergeant:

Hummel: Did you ever hire Mr. Pellicano to put a fish on Anita Busch’s car?
Ovitz: Absolutely not.

Five years later, despite that denial, Busch and Ovitz are still legally entangled in a civil lawsuit. Per a THR Esq. update by Eriq Gardner, Ovitz is asking for “sanctions against Busch, summary judgment in the lawsuit on the basis that her claims are time-barred and the right to learn through discovery what else Busch was working on at the time in question.”

From a journalism perspective, that is a fascinating and fearsome angle. Ovitz’s attorneys believe the information could pinpoint others who might have wanted to intimidate her. The former THR and LA Times investigative reporter meanwhile is arguing that she must protect the identity of her sources.

Busch’s civil suit was filed in May 2004 and names a variety of of defendants. In an interview last year with Gardner’s colleague Matthew Belloni, Busch outlined the very suspicious disappearance of her case file, suggesting it might be “part of a pattern by D.A. Steve Cooley to protect his allies and make cases and files disappear.”

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