Animoto Gets Funding From Amazon

Animoto LogoEarlier this morning Animoto announced that they had received funding from This wasn’t surprising news considering Jeff Bezos’ decision to include Animoto in his presentation at the YCombinator Startup School event. I’ve written about Animoto before over at AllFacebook and have used it numerous times to create videos including the one displayed below.

Animoto automatically integrates music and video to create unique custom embeddable videos. You can use Animoto’s library of music or upload your own music to include in the videos. If you ever want to make a really slick presentation definitely use Animoto. There are no details as to how much money was raised in this new round of funding but this round makes a lot of sense.

Ultimately Amazon is investing in a company that is using Amazon’s EC2 and S3 services to scale their business rapidly. That’s a pretty smart play by Amazon! Congratulations to the Animoto team. This company is on the fast track to success.