Animoca Brands Launches Armies of Dragons on iOS, Android

Mobile game developer and publisher Animoca Brands has announced the release of Armies of Dragons on iOS and Android devices. The game takes place in a medieval world, which was once controlled by evil dragons. Humans were able to defeat the dragons and restore peace to their land for a time, but dark magic has awakened the dragons, threatening the land once again. In the game, players will need to defend their kingdom via a mix of time-management and tower defense gameplay.

In each level, players defend their tower from enemies, while also working to destroy the enemy’s tower on the opposite side of the screen. Troops appear at the bottom of the screen, and can be charged (made ready for combat) by dragging them to colored posts matching their elemental affinity. These affinities also play a role in combat, as fire troops overpower wind troops, wind overpowers thunder, thunder is stronger than ice and so on.

screen1136x1136Once a troop is trained, it can be dragged to one of the combat lanes at the top of the screen. Troops will attack anything in their path automatically, including the enemy’s tower. Power-ups give players an edge, and may send rocks or fireballs (as examples) falling at random on the battlefield, damaging all enemies in their path.

Levels also have specific challenges, outside of simply destroying the enemy’s tower. These include earning a certain number of coins, losing only a small number of troops during combat, taking only a small percentage of damage to the player’s tower, completing all required tasks within a limited amount of time and more.

Battles require energy to begin, but this recharges automatically over time, or can be purchased with real money. The game is free-to-play, but is further monetized via the purchase of coin or premium currency bundles. Coins can be used to purchase power-ups, or upgrade the stats of each unit type, like archers and gladiators. Meanwhile, premium currency is used to purchase special treasure chests, containing better warriors, power-ups and more.

The game’s social features allow users to login with Facebook and add friends as allies before entering combat. This allows users to share units and energy with their friends.

“Armies of Dragons is unlike anything else available,” said Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands. “We’ve combined the best elements of tower defense games with heart-pumping time management mechanics to create a new and enthralling gaming experience.”

Armies of Dragons is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play. The game comes with 96 total levels, as of this writing.