Animatic by Inkboard: Draw Your Own GIFs on iOS

The app allows users to create animations frame-by-frame before sharing them with friends.

Inkboard has released its Animatic by Inkboard app on iOS, allowing users to create their own hand-drawn animations which can be sent to friends through text messages, or shared on social media.

With Animatic, users can create animated GIFs frame-by-frame using a variety of drawing tools, including crayons, pencils, markers and more. Users can fill each frame with as much content as they’d like before adding the next frame and continuing the process. Eraser and ‘undo’ options are also available while editing. When adding a new frame, a shadow of the previous frames is left on the screen to help users draw.

Users can preview their GIF at any time, and can switch between frames to edit existing content, or insert additional frames until they’re happy with the finished product. Users can change the GIF’s animation speed before finally saving it as a video or GIF. Once they’ve saved the video or GIF to their device, it can be shared through text message, email or another app.

Darren Paul, co-founder of Inkboard, told SocialTimes:

My co-founder Ramon Torres and I were talking about what it must have been like for Walt Disney and his original artists (Nine Old Men) when they were first creating animated shorts in the 1920’s by drawing each frame by hand. We were inspired by this period to create something that worked and felt like that, by providing the tools for someone to create the next Mickey Mouse, on their mobile phone or tablet. Most importantly, we wanted Animatic to enable anyone to easily animate their ideas. Animatic is the offspring of our product Inkboard, and powered by the Inkboard SDK. We can’t wait to see what people will create!

Animatic by Inkboard is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app includes a selection of finished GIFs, which users can share as-is, or edit to create their own animations.