AngryPaulRand Belligerently Conquers the Internet

Exploding all over the design-y corners of the internet at the same speed Unhappy Hipsters managed back in late-January (remember that brief phenomenon?), is the Twittering of AngryPaulRand. Launched on July 16th, the particularly angry version of perhaps the most loved graphic designer of all time has already racked up thousands of followers. And if you work anywhere even remotely connected to design of any kind, you’ve likely had it passed to you at least four times by this point. With choice Tweets like “I had to use poisonous sh*t: lead type, spray adhesive, etc. And you f*&king pu*&ies worry about scratching your wrists on a MacBook Pro” and ” About time you listened to me instead of that wackjob Sagmeister. I made words out of f*%king bananas too. When I was 6,” it’s easy to see why it’s become an instant hit. He’s also spawned AngryRandPaul, so now there’s even something for the political set.