Angry Tech Exec’s Note to NYT Reporter Must Be Seen to Be Believed

Last night we learned that the stereotypical tech execs featured on HBO’s Silicon Valley were not so far from reality.

You probably noticed that lots of journalists were tweeting/writing bad things about Uber yesterday, especially after reports of easy employee access to the “God View” tool that allows the company to track every one of its riders.

Turns out that a few (allegedly) high-ranking “technologists” have even less respect for “the media” than, say, your average Fox News opinionator.

Last night, New York Times tech writer Mike Isaac shared an anonymous hatemail received from a self-described “tech executive” who thinks the media deserves a bit of comeuppance:

Read the whole thing if you have time — it’s more than slightly insane. Highlights after the jump.

“…you are all parasiting a dying industry so we can understand why journalists…do their damndest to kill innovative companies run by people far smarter than yourselves.”

He’s right, of course: jealousy inspired all these stories about Uber being run by a bunch of douchebags.

“As a tech executive I DESPISE journalists, as do nearly all of my peers.

While I may have to work with you to get in front of paying customers, I think that you are lying ignorant scum.”

Appreciate the all caps for emphasis. This “exec” goes on to claim that David Pogue of Yahoo “f*cks his way through the products he reviews”(?) after insulting English majors everywhere. This is the best part, though:

“While I or my PR team will probably pitch someone at the Times, I’m going to be celebrating every media layoff announcement and counting the days until every old and new media journalist hits the unemployment line.”

First of all, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Second, to whomever does PR for this egomaniac: we’re almost sorry.

We’re surprised that the dude picked on the NYT, especially given the fact that Farhad Manjoo’s coverage of the Uber debacle was hardly defamatory.

Now tell us who wrote this note. We promise we won’t reveal our sources…