Angry @TheRednerGroup Tweet Explained!

Last week, a publicist working on behalf of 2K, the company behind the eagerly-awaited “Duke Nukem Forever” video game, posted the tweet at left after reading a negative review. Also last week, the publicist and his firm The Redner Group, were fired due to this tweet.

Today, the man who posted that warning, James Redner, authored a guest column on Wired that covers everything from why he sent the infamous tweet to his history playing Atari games to who he is as a human being.

Redner said immediately that the comments he made were his alone, which he reiterates here.

But ultimately, the column is an over-the-top attempt to dispel the bad reputation he created.  Maybe he is this passionate for his work, but the column is just too much.

“Over the course of the Duke Nukem Forever PR and marketing campaign, I spent every day working as its evangelist, virtually traveling from writer to writer trying to spread the gospel. Whatever the client asked for, I went above and beyond to deliver. Duke Nukem Forever was a labor of love for me,” he writes.

Part of his defense for acting irrationally is what he views as an unfair and even unethical review of the game. While stating that a review is subjective and based on opinion, he still maintains that there was some sort of unfair dismissal of facts that should’ve somehow influenced the review.

“Life is too short to surround ourselves in such baseless hatred,” he writes.

I don’t quite follow the logic, but you can read it for yourself here.