Angry Birds Seasons, The End, Guess the Character and more on this week’s top free iOS apps

Rovio’s Angry Birds Seasons tops the free app charts this week thanks to its temporary status as the free iTunes App of the Week. The app is currently the No. 1 free app on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Lower down the charts, the Budapest-based Goroid Kft’s game The End also puts in solid work, taking the No. 4 spot on the iPhone chart and the No. 3 spot on the iPad chart. The title has similar gameplay to Temple Run, but moves the setting to the end of the world. While the app is free, it monetizes through the purchase of Duct Tape, which serves as in-game premium currency, and a $1.99 option to upgrade to a pro version of the game.

This week’s fastest rising free app is JanduSoft’s Guess the Character!, a simple guessing game that challenges players to identify well-known characters and celebrities by looking at likenesses created with Nintendo Miis. While the game is popular now, it remains to be seen how long it will be able to remain on the app charts before Nintendo notices where the game is pulling its content from. The app rises 26 spots to take the No. 10 position on the free iPhone apps chart.

This week’s top free iPhone apps

1.Angry Birds Seasons1=
2.Hit Tennis 32=
3.Graffiti Me!3▲8
6.CSR Racing6▼2
8.Talking Ted8▼1
9.Flow Free9=
10.XGuess the Character!10▲26
11.Flashlight ☀11▼1
12.Photo Editor by Aviary12▲7
13.Escape Bear13▼1
15.Snow Cone Maker – Free__15▼2
16.Bingo Bash16▲1
17.Where’s My Water! Free17▼1
18.Big Win Baseball18▼4
19.Bubble Mania™19▼4
20.100 Exits20▲2
21.Scary Prank21▼3
22.Pic Stitch22▲3
23.Textfree is now Pinger:23▼2
24.Angry Birds Space Free24▼4
25.WATCH Disney Channel25▼2

This week’s top free iPad apps

1.Angry Birds Seasons HD1=
4.CSR Racing4=
5.Angry Birds Space HD Free5▲1
6.Zombie Jombie6▼1
7.Skype for iPad7=
8.Flow Free8▲1
9.Snow Cone Maker – Free9▼1
10.XWATCH Disney Channel10▲1
11.The Weather Channel for iPad__11▲2
13.Where’s My Water! Free13▼3
14.Talking Ted14=
15.World Series of Poker15▲4
16.Bubble Mania™16=
18.Alarm Clock HD Free18▲12
19.Magic Piano19▲6
21.Big Win Baseball21▼3
23.Temple Run23▼3
25.WATCH Disney Junior25▼4


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