Angry Birds Rio Game Launch on Amazon Android App Store is Good for Everyone: Here's Why

Video courtesy of RovioMobile
Google’s Android Market app store has had a long running series of problems ranging from poor accessibility on the smartphone to a useless web presence (recently fixed) to, very recently, a set of malware apps available through their market. The Android app market itself posed a problem for app developers since study after study supported the perception that Android users do not buy apps the way iPhone users do. Rovio’s mega-successful Angry Bird was released as free advertisement supported game for Android, for example. However, it looks like the next version of Angry Birds, a tie-in with the bird themed movie “Rio”, will not be free. And, it will not be available in Google’s own Android Market.
Amazon Appstore gets Angry Birds Rio exclusive (CNN/Fortune)
This, I believe, is a good thing for everyone. It is good for consumers like me who understand and trust Amazon’e e-commerce process. It is good for developers because people who like to buy other products through Amazon may start to buy Android apps there too. It is good for app publishers because Amazon can provide a consistent business flow from start to finish. And, it is good for Amazon to have a huge game sequel like Angry Birds Rio kickstart their Android app store.