LA Times Apologizes for Illicit Use of Angry Birds Photo

On behalf of his pal, freelance Finnish photographer Matti Matikainen, English-language blogger Kaari Kuuka minced no words Wednesday when he wrote about the unpaid use by the LA Times and others of a December 6 photo depicting the chief marketing officer of Angry Birds developer Rovio (pictured), together with the exec’s wife. The post was titled: “LA Times et al.: Do You Have to Suck the Sweat out of my Balls now that I am Dead?

Today, Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat has a fascinating summary of what transpired in the wake of the blog post. According to the piece, LA Times readers rep Martin Beck apologized and helped speed arrangements for the standard payment of $50 to Matikainen’s foreign rights agent, Polaris. Also, there was apparently only one international outlet that offered unsolicited payment for use of the picture first published on a Danish tabloid website–The Huffington Post:

Matikainen also says that CNN contacted him by email and asked for permission to use his image free of charge. Matikainen told CNN to contact Polaris. He did not receive any further emails from CNN.

The reason the photo taken at a Tuesday function was such a prize is that the CMO’s wife is shown sporting a red dress with an Angry Birds motif. An outfit to be remembered as having sparked a flurry of “angry photogs.”

[Photo of Peter Vesterbacka courtesy]