Angry Birds Makes the Leap to Web at Google I/O

Rovio Mobile is bringing its smash hit Angry Birds to the web. The company’s “Mighty Eagle,” Peter Vesterbacka, who handles business development and partnerships, made the announcement on-stage at Google’s developer conference today in San Francisco.

“We think Chrome is a great environment for Angry Birds,” he said, saying that the company had held off on bringing it to the web for fear of compromising quality. The game supports WebGL and Canvas and has special, exclusive levels for users of the Chrome browser.

The web-based version of Angry Birds will also monetize through in-app payments — users can purchase the Mighty Eagle virtual good, which helps them clear levels they’re having difficulty on. Google said today that the Chrome Web Store’s in-app billing system will have a 5 percent transaction fee, lower than the typical 30-70 split seen on other platforms like iOS, Facebook and Android.

Will the web version prove as successful as mobile? Hard to say, but likely not, since Angry Birds is an excellent time-killer for mobile users with a few minutes to spare here and there. With its consistent ranking at the top of the charts on both iOS and Android, it also has easy distribution and lots of visibility in front of consumers.

The web launch today should pave the way for an anticipated launch of Angry Birds on the Facebook platform later this year. Vesterbacka told us in March that the company had been working on this version for a year.