Angry Birds Finally Coming To Windows Phone

Yesterday I wrote about how I don’t think the size of a smartphone’s app store is as important as whether or not developers chose to write apps for the platform. Rovio’s approach to Windows Phone 7 is a case in point. Back when Windows Phone was first being announced Microsoft created a kerfuffle by mistakeningly including some Angry Birds art in marketing material for Windows Phone. Rovio quickly released a statement saying that they had not made a decision to make a version of Angry Birds for Windows Phone, and that the art was used without permission.

The fact that a developer of an extremely popular smartphone app hesitated about whether to create a version of the app for Windows Phone 7 speaks more about the current status of Windows Phone than the number of apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft needs to get Windows Phone to a point where developing apps for it is a no-brainer decision.

That all being said, Rovio appears to finally think Windows Phone is established enough to make it worth their time to create a version of Angry Birds for it. According to Slashgear, Rovio has confirmed that the development is under way, but has not provided any time frame for the game’s release.