Angry Birds continues to top the list of fastest-growing Facebook games by DAU

Rovio’s Angry Birds once again topped our list of fastest-growing games by daily active users. Over the past seven days, the strategy puzzler managed to gain 900,000 DAU; down last week from 1.1 million DAU.

Only two games on the list this week saw gains of over 100 percent: Zynga Slingo and EA Popcap’s Solitaire Blitz. The latter managed to rocket onto the chart this week with a gain of 2,300 percent, debuting in the No. 5 spot. Meanwhile, there are four other titles on the list with gains above 50 percent:’s Hoop De Loop Saga, Playdom’s Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Peak Games’ City of the Pyramids (the Arabic version of PyramidVille) and Fantabook’s eponymous Italian soccer game FantaBook.

Finally, Peak Games’ Turkish titles 101 YüzBir Okey Plus and Bizim Çiftlik debuted on our list. Farm sim Bizim Çiftlik may sound familiar, as it appeared multiple times on our Emerging Games lists back in November. 101 YüzBir Okey Plus, meanwhile, is based off the popular Turkish tile game Okey.

1.  Angry Birds2,900,000+900,000+ 45%
2.  Bubble Witch Saga5,900,000+300,000+ 5%
3.  Zynga Slingo470,000+280,000+ 147%
4.  Hoop De Loop Saga550,000+240,000+ 77%
5.  Solitaire Blitz240,000+230,000+ 2,300%
6.  Marvel: Avengers Alliance450,000+150,000+ 50%
7.  Pool Live Tour1,600,000+100,000+ 7%
8.  Slotomania – Slot Machines2,000,000+100,000+ 5%
9.  المزرعة السعيدة2,700,000+100,000+ 4%
10.  Lucky Slots – Free Slot Machines280,000+60,000+ 27%
11.  مدينة الأهرامات130,000+60,000+ 86%
12.  Fruit Ninja Frenzy910,000+50,000+ 6%
13.  Mahjong Saga330,000+50,000+ 18%
14.  開心農場960,000+50,000+ 5%
15.  Car Town1,000,000+40,000+ 4%
16.  Draw My Thing190,000+40,000+ 27%
17.  101 YüzBir Okey Plus150,000+20,000+ 15%
18.  Best Casino – Free Slots, Bingo, Poker & Blackjack370,000+20,000+ 6%
19.  Bizim Çiftlik390,000+20,000+ 5%
20.  FantaBook50,000+20,000+ 67%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.

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