Angry Birds continues leading fastest-growing Facebook games by DAU

Rovio’s Angry Birds still holds a strong lead in this week’s list of fastest-growing games on Facebook by daily active users, showing a 21 percent gain with 500,000 new players.

Most of the titles on this week’s list saw gains smaller than 50 percent. The two exceptions were Digital Chocolate’s Gangs of Boomtown and A&E’s Storage Wars: The Game. Gangs of Boomtown just wrapped up its 30-day exclusive deal with Google+ and launched on Facebook last week, so the 350 percent traffic gain isn’t surprising. Storage Wars: The Game  was up by 71 percent, which is the first time since October 2011 that it’s seen a significant gain. Exactly what caused the gain for Storage Wars: The Game isn’t immediately obvious, as no new episodes have been announced for the source television show.

Other notable changes from last week’s list were with Zynga Slingo and EA’s The Sims Social. Zynga Slingo secured the No. 1 position last week thanks to its 74 percent gain, but this week’s 5 percent gain dropped the game three spots. The Sims Social’s numbers have been steadily dropping since its September 2011 peak of 11.25 million DAU; a recent career mode expansion, however, gives it an 11 percent gain for a total of 3 million DAU.

DAUGain Gain,%
1.   Angry Birds2,900,000+500,000+ 21%
2.   Texas HoldEm Poker7,300,000+300,000+ 4%
3.   The Sims Social3,000,000+300,000+ 11%
4.   Zynga Slingo4,200,000+200,000+ 5%
5.   Hoop De Loop Saga1,100,000+140,000+ 15%
6.   Pool Live Tour1,800,000+100,000+ 6%
7.   Tetris Battle4,000,000+100,000+ 3%
8.   المزرعة السعيدة2,900,000+100,000+ 4%
9.   Marvel: Avengers Alliance640,000+90,000+ 16%
10.   Pet Society860,000+90,000+ 12%
11.   Gangs of Boomtown90,000+70,000+ 350%
12.   Bubbles IQ260,000+50,000+ 24%
13.   Happy Pets200,000+50,000+ 11%
14.   Storage Wars: The Game120,000+50,000+ 71%
15.   Lucky Slots – Free Slot Machines380,000+40,000+ 12%
16.   Pet City140,000+40,000+ 27%
17.   Soul Crash130,000+40,000+ 44%
18.   WeTopia140,000+40,000+ 40%
19.   Draw My Thing250,000+30,000+ 14%
20.   House of Fun – Slot Machines240,000+30,000+ 4%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at top emerging apps on Friday.

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