Angry Birds Christmas Edition

Oh those addicting, Angry Birds! First I got hooked on the free Angry Birds lite version that I played on my iPod Touch, then I bought the iPad version, and then the Halloween version was released and I had to buy it too. Now Rovio has announced that there will be a Christmas edition that will be released soon, and I know that I am likely to buy it too, unless the Christmas version is released as an update to the Halloween version, which would be cool. The first anniversary of Angry Birds is on December 11, and the developers are organizing what they are calling the First Official Angry Birds Day.

If you are not familiar with the Angry Birds game, watch the following video. The game play is pretty simple, you sling a number of birds at a structure that you need to topple to squash the pigs. As you progress in the game you find different types of birds that are capable of doing different things.

The Halloween version of the game has different levels, with Halloween themed graphics and background music. From the screen shots that I have seen, it appears that the Christmas version of the game will be the same: Christmas graphics and music along with Christmas objects and snow. Perhaps a bird will throw snow balls?

Android users were left out because the Halloween version was not made available for Android, but Rovio has stated that the Christmas version will be available for Android as well as iOS.