Angry Birds Revenue From Android, iOS Now Roughly Even, Rovio Says

In another bellwether for Android’s growing impact on the mobile gaming industry, Angry Birds is producing roughly even revenue from both Google’s platform and iOS, says its recently-funded maker Rovio.

With Android gearing up to launch in-app payments later this year and its growing market share, expect this trend to accelerate. The company said in December that it expected to make $1 million per month from Android by the end of 2010. (For a longer interview on Rovio’s strategy in 2011, click here.)

However, there are a couple factors to consider:

1) We’re comparing a platform with primarily one-off revenue to a platform with continuous revenue. On iOS, Angry Birds monetizes mostly through paid downloads. Now that the app has seen about 100 million installs across all platforms, Rovio is not getting the same initial bump in paid download revenue from Apple’s app store. On Android, the company doesn’t offer paid Angry Birds apps, but sees recurring revenue from advertising.

2) Android’s pool of apps is smaller and less competitive with only 150,000 apps to Apple’s 350,000. In fact, Angry Birds advertising inventory is so large that it equals AdMob’s inventory from 2 1/2 years ago. It’s so enormous that other AdMob-dependent developers have told us that it’s hard for them to fill their inventory because Rovio’s titles absorb so much.

3) The sheer number of users is starting to work in Android’s favor. Android recently overtook Blackberry-maker RIM as the leading smartphone platform in the U.S. in January, according to Comscore.