Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg Has 38,000 Followers On Twitter

Have you seen Angelina Jolie’s right leg lately? If you watched the Oscars on Sunday, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Jolie’s pose at the podium and leg-flashing all evening stole the show, and created such a buzz on Twitter that the leg got its own Twitter account… and racked up over 38,000 followers in three days.

If you’re starting to feel bad about your own 1,200 follower count, don’t: Angie’s right leg is a celebrity after all.

@AngiesRightLeg has 27 tweets to its name, and was only created on Sunday, after it made its appearance (after appearance, after appearance) on the red carpet and on stage at the Academy Awards. Still, those 27 tweets and all the media buzz have garnered Ms. Jolie’s leg a cool 38,000 followers – and counting.

The account is following only two others, but they’re both body parts of other celebrities at the Oscars: Bradley Cooper’s mustache (@CoopersMustache) and Jennifer Lopez’s nipple (@JLosNipple).

The leg first made its appearance on the red carpet, as Jolie posed with beau Brad Pitt in her Versache gown, flaunting the right leg like it was a flashy piece of jewelry.

But the leg wasn’t done there. While presenting the award for best adapted screenplay, Jolie struck the pose again… and was immediately imitated by the winners of the award, including “Community” actor and “The Descendants” screenwriter Jim Rash.

The leg has even inspired a Tumblr of fans who have reinvented the pose themselves, showing off their own right legs in statuesque interpretations of “Jolie’ing”.

(Angelina Jolie image courtesy of Official Academy Awards website)