Andy Warhol’s Brother and Foundation/Museum Founder, John Warhola, Passes Away

The start of this winter has brought a lot of news surrounding Andy Warhol, from the foundation named after the famous artist pulling their funding from the Smithsonian to the long-time director of the museum in his name deciding to retire. Now some more news and on a much sadder note: it’s been released that Warhol’s brother, John Warhola, who helped found both the aforementioned institutions, passed away on Christmas Eve. John had raised his brother and even helped to pay for his college, then later, after the artist’s death, helped found the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and served as its vice president for more than two decades. Here’s a bit from a conversation the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review had with Warhola’s son:

“My uncle was saying to my father, ‘I’m leaving you this responsibility, to make sure the foundation is run the right way and achieve what I want it to achieve,'” Donald Warhola, 47, of Cranberry, said. “My father was very diligent in his responsibilities. He was proud to be the vice president of the foundation, and he really took on the role of historian.”

…”My father was the source for who Andy Warhol was as a person and human being. He really enjoyed sharing information about Andy,” Warhola said.