Would Andy Warhol Have Approved? Live Feed Shows His Gravesite

At press time, a gentle breeze is blowing, a pair of supermarket balloons are fluttering, there are various Campbell’s Soup cans and sounds of traffic from an unseen nearby thoroughfare. These are some of the things that FishbowlNY gleaned this morning from Figment.

The live feed from St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery in Pittsburgh was turned on overnight and marks not the death of Andy Warhol (February 22, 1987) but rather his birth on this day in 1928. The artist would have likely approved.

There is a link on the Warhol Museum feed page to the work of artist Madelyn Roehrig, who for the past five years has been documenting from the same locale and elsewhere her posthumous conversations with the pop art icon. That project is called “Figments” and, by all Facebook indications, she will be at the gravesite sometime today to mark her conversation partner’s birthday.

As today progresses, who knows who else will show up and how many more Campbell’s Soup cans might materialize. Check out the feed here.