Andy Warhol Book Released as Digital Book

If Andy Warhol were around today, he’d probably love the iPad. So it is fitting that for the 50th anniversary of his career as an artist, Abbeville Press is releasing Carter Ratcliff ‘s classic text on the artist, Andy Warhol for the iPad.

The $9.99 digital book (which bears the same name as the print book) has been reformatted from the original text into an interactive experience filled with analysis on Warhol’s work. Abbeville Press boasts that the digital book is “the first monograph on the quintessential Pop artist to be made available in digital form.”

What does this mean? The digital book includes text, images, illustrations, artist statements,  notes on technique, and links to more information on the artist outside of the book. Abbeville used Apple’s iBooks Author to create the digital book.

Editor’s Note: The original version of the post mistakenly referred to the digital book as an app.