Sullivan Lands New Post at Reuters

Reuters‘ Andy Sullivan has a new job. He is now the lead reporter on the news outlet’s new Money & Politics team. Who knows, Reuters may be in the market for some new scribes.

See the internal memo.

We’re pleased to announce that Andy Sullivan, a star of our campaign coverage last year, will be our lead reporter on our new Money & Politics team, a venture that will cover the intersection of, yes, money and politics in Washington.

Andy has built a reputation for delivering smart, insightful stories on financial and political issues. As a reporter he is an excellent digger, and as a writer he is a gifted storyteller, crafting people-driven narratives to explain complex storylines. Last year, Andy’s Special Report on what happened after Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital took over a Kansas City steel plant was one of the most-cited pieces anyone produced during the presidential campaign.

Andy also has covered the 2011 budget wars in Congress, the 2008 presidential elections, and stories ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the Scooter Libby trial. He was a Loeb Award finalist for coverage of the then-nascent subprime housing crisis in 2007.

Andy is a native of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and holds degrees from Macalester College and Northwestern University. He lives in Silver Spring with his wife, Meg, and daughters Ingrid and Claire. Years ago, Andy was an aspiring rock star until the van broke down and the record label went out of business. Today he scratches that itch with his band, Dirty Bomb.

The new Money & Politics team will examine how advocates and influencers shape policy in Washington and beyond. We’ll look at campaign fundraising and spending by parties, “Super PACs” and advocacy groups. We also aim to shed light on lobbying by corporate interests, trade groups, unions and advocacy groups.

We’ll be adding to the M&P team in the next several weeks, and we intend to tap the expertise of other reporters – in Washington and beyond – to help us tell the story of those who shape U.S. politics and policies.

For now, please join us in congratulating Andy on his new post.

Marilyn and David