Andy Rooney Was Very Concerned That His Grandson Get A Job

Via our sib-blog TVNewser, this tribute to the late Andy Rooney from his grandson, Justin Fishel, includes Rooney’s concern that Fishel get a real job.

Fishel writes:

When I graduated from college he harassed me about work. He didn’t have much pity for the unemployed. He wanted to know what I was doing, like any curious grandfather. Well, I was living at home with my parents. So he took it upon himself to call at 5:30 am… every morning. He prided himself on being up early. I’d answer the phone next to my bed.
“Hello?” I’d say.
“Jud- you find work yet?” (He called me Jud)
“Grandpa?” I’d answer, in a half conscious stupor.
“Call me back when you find work,” he’d say.
Then I’d get the obligatory Rooney dial tone that preceded any formalities such as a “goodbye,” or “talk to you later.”

Despite having time to call his grandson every day, writing 16 books, and doing his commentary on “60 Minutes,” he also apparently liked to have trash fires and build tables in his woodshop.