Another Free Weekly Collapses on Film Critic Andy Klein

The final print review assignment for Brand X film critic Andy Klein this week is the new Tom HanksJulia Roberts flick Larry Crowne. An apt narrative echo of the LA Film Critics Association member’s latest experience with the world of free weekly LA newspapers.

Klein was formerly the film editor and lead critic for Los Angeles City Beat, until he was laid off at the beginning of 2009, ahead of the publication’s shuttering in March of that same year. Now, via LAObserved, comes the news that the LA Times is ending its bizarre weekly Brand X experiment and, with it, the regular print slot for Klein.

Klein is one of the few LAFCA members who has yet to post a bio on the critics association website. Also not yet up are the organization’s brand new additions – LA Times critic Betsy Sharkey and Moving Pictures Network editor Annlee Ellingson.

We’re not trying to rub it in Klein’s face here. The veteran journalist, who also contributes to the Christian Science Monitor website and other outlets, will no doubt soldier on. Still, this Brand X business has got to feel like “deja voodoo all over again.”