Android’s One-Second Mobile Videos Add Up to a Fascinating Project

Fun play on 'leap second'

How much creativity can you pack into a one-second video? If you're Android, quite a lot, apparently.

On Tuesday, clocks around the world added a "leap second"—a one-second time adjustment periodically added to keep the Earth's rotation in sync.

Android capitalized on the buzz by asking folks to upload super short clips to a mobile app showing how they spent their extra second.

The snappiest user-generated clips were then turned into a minute-long spot.

Just about every brand, publisher and ad network is tinkering with mobile video now to find the right length. One school of thought is that shorter video clips cause brand recall to slip, but as Android's campaign shows, there's still plenty of creativity in short-form video.

Android also has a fun website where all the clips can be found. It's set up like a grid and plays the videos as users mouse over the page.