Android, Foursquare, Microsoft Lead in This Week’s List of Top Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

The apps that gained the most daily active users on Facebook in the past week enticed users through seasonal attractions like Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl, and other events, like political unrest in Egypt.

Facebook for Android topped the list this week, adding more than 618,400 DAUs — millions of people around the world are buying Android phones then using their devices to access Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Facebook for Android16,925,294+618,426+4%
2. Horoscopes3,825,694+515,042+16%
3. Windows Live Messenger12,881,522+312,458+2%
4. Texas HoldEm Poker 7,543,392+159,420+2%
5. Foursquare421,951+156,811+59%
6. Monster Galaxy643,434+135,108+27%
7. FarmVille15,192,716+131,597+0.87%
8. Touch HD102,655+96,506+1,569%
9. PicBadges153,349+91,888+150%
10. Badoo3,250,056+89,203+3%
11. Kebap Dünyası90,108+82,555+1,093%
12. HTC Sense4,137,306+82,549+2%
13. Daily Tarot Prediction78,618+69,664+778%
14. Crime City1,022,050+66,913+7%
15. Likelicious165,903+66,026+66%
16. Your statistics174,909+65,178+59%
17. Norton Safe Web124,350+65,164+110%
18. Persian’s Daily Clip76,134+61,981+438%
19. Auto Club96,069+55,567+137%
20. Zoo World570,428+54,872+11%

Aside from a few regulars, like Windows Live Messenger, location game Foursquare posted a big jump in growth for unclear reasons over the last day or so.

Then there were a few apps that utilized Valentine’s Day themes to help bring in users. Horoscopes, which came in second on the list with a 16% increase of 515,000 DAUs, has been running Valentine’s- and Super Bowl-themed content. Zoo World also has been running a Valentine’s Day-themed welcome in its game, perhaps enticing users to utilize the game for holiday purposes in addition to gaming.

Touch HD added 96,500 daily active users since last week, a 1,569% increase for them. The app allows users to customize the interface of Facebook on their iPads and iPhone 4s. PicBadges added a bunch of users in the past week, too; an Egyptian flag app it promoted on its Wall appears to have caught on due to all of the Egypt talk in everyone’s news feeds.

Among other apps, Badoo slid down from its second place position last week when it counted a gain of more than 2.4 million DAUs; what goes up must come down and this week that share was down to 89,200. Zynga’s games, Texas Hold’em Poker in fourth place and FarmVille in seventh, growth that continues to be incredible, given their age and size — both games have among the most daily active users on the list with 7.5 million and 15 million, respectively.

Kebap Dünyası also showed tremendous percentage gain this week, the ArcadeMonk game is in Turkish and promises to help people become “masters of the kebob.” In the past week Kebap Dünyası added most of its 90,000 DAU.