Google Lets Consumers Download Android Apps Through New Web Store

In a cross-platform play to help developers distribute their work, Google is launching a web marketplace for Android apps. Google’s basically cleaning up many of the problems Android Marketplace’s web presence has had so far. There used to be limited ways for developers to showcase their work and was difficult to navigate.

The neatest thing about the new marketplace is that consumers can download or buy apps on the web and have them automatically downloaded to their phone without having to sync it to their laptop.  When you install an app, you can click the download button on the website and log-in with your Google account. A notification on a user’s phone will let them know that they can add the app over a mobile broadband connection.

“This is where the cloud magic happens,” Android’s Chris Yerga said. “There’s no syncing. Everything this is connected. The phone’s connected to the cloud.”

Developers will also get extra ways to promote their work by adding high-resolution banners and videos about their apps. The store has a Twitter integration, which lets visitors share their favorite apps with followers. It also shows user reviews as well as application screenshots.