Android reaches 250 million activated devices, 11 billion app downloads

There are now more than 250 million activated Android devices, according to information Google’s CEO Larry Page revealed in the company’s fourth quarter earnings call.

In November Google reported it had activated 200 million devices, which means consumers have activated an average of 770,000 devices a day since Nov. 15, a much higher number than previously announced by Google’s Andy Rubin, who said the platform was seeing 700,000 activations per day at the end of December. It’s likely the increase in activations is due to what proved to be a record holiday season for smartphones and tablets. According to analytics company Flurry, new device activations were up 353 percent on Christmas Day alone.

The numbers put Google on track to pass Apple’s total iOS device sales soon. When Apple released the iPhone 4S in October, it announced it had sold 250 million iOS devices.

Page also revealed the Android Marketplace had passed 11 billion total downloads, just over a month after passing the 10 billion download mark.